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What to Do After Your Aquarium Has Finished Cycling.

What to Do After Your Aquarium Has Finished Cycling. 01of 04 Be Patient and Move Slowly   Once your new saltwater aquarium has reached the third and final phase of the nitrogen cycling process and completing its task of establishing the beginning of your tank’s biological filter base, it’s important to be patient, and move slowly. The newly established nitrifying bacteria (nitrobacters)

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Cycling a New Saltwater Aquarium Without Using Fish.

Cycling a New Saltwater Aquarium Without Using Fish Options For Keeping Fish Out of Harms Way. The nitrogen cycle of an marine aquarium (it is essentially the same in freshwater aquariums) is a chain reaction in nature resulting in the birth of various types of nitrifying bacteria, each with their own job to do. Each new bacteria born consumes the previous one, and

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Using Live Sand in a Saltwater Aquarium.

Using Live Sand in a Saltwater Aquarium. Live sand is natural reef coral sand that is collected live from the ocean, or non-living coral sand that is cultured to make it live. What makes it live is the microscopic biological bacteria that grows on it, and the many tiny crustaceans and other micro and macro-organisms that reside in it. Live

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Cycle Saltwater aquarium with live rock.

How to Cycle Your Saltwater Aquarium With Live Rock. Prepare Your Saltwater Aquarium for Use. The most important factor in keeping aquarium fish healthy is good water quality. In order to do that good bacteria must be established in the aquarium. Beneficial heterotrophic bacteria living in the aquarium gravel break down fish wastes and other debris, and nitrifying bacteria, living in

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