The Apprentice Series 15 Episode 12 of 12.


The Apprentice Series 15 Episode 12 of 14

The final five candidates are summoned to 70 St Mary Axe, otherwise known as the Can of Ham, a spectacular new 21-storey building in the heart of the City of London.

They face the scrutiny of Lord Sugar’s most trusted advisors, who are primed to pick apart their business plans. Each candidate goes head to head with the business bigwigs as they battle to back their plans. There’s tough talking, turmoil and tears as bravado breaks, egos are eradicated and business plans bulldozed.

In the boardroom it’s Lord Sugar’s chance to give them a grilling, as only two can progress to the final while the rest are told, ‘You’re Fired!’


The Interview Panel

Into the Lions den?


“You have not invented anything you have just copied another product”

“You say your product takes 2 days to be delivered in Ireland and 4-5 days in the UK but i am from the UK and i ordered something from your website its still not arrived in 11 days whys that?”

“You talk going global yet you only had 2 products going for a year”

“You find it intimidating being away from your mum and Lord Sugar would be concerned about being in partnership with you and your mum”


“Why does your C.V say you have a degree from the Open University but your Linked In profile says you do?”

“You have only placed 1 person in a £200,000 a year job and you have no reputation”

“Your plan does not show where your going to spend Lord Sugar’s investment so that will be a concern for him”

“Your biggest mistake is leaving home at 19 and having a baby”


“People say they do not like working with you”

“Where are your business plans ?”

“You say your plans are in depth and vast but where are they?”

“It sounds a bit like your saying the dog ate your homework”

“Your capable of running 96 events a year on your own?”

“Your saying the running costs are in your head”

“You have to pay £590 for an application but you have to be invited to join”

“If you don’t speak the Queens English you have no chance”


“You got a bakery business but you don’t know how to bake?”

“Can you open a bakery with no USP?”

“You have no idea how big your business is going to be the words “Massive” & “Loads” does not sound good”

“How does your shop ask for feedback when i was in there the other day and nobody asked me?”

“You have to walk before you try to run and nowhere in your plan have you shown where Lord Sugar’s investment is going to go and how your going to manage it”

“I think your son and dad will be proud of you when they see you”


“You presented me with a plan of absolute garbage!! you got £250,000 investment and you got £350,000 of costs then your paying upfront for 200 people and you might not get 200”

“You have no experience of being a tour operator and you cannot start a business with no experience”

“You havn’t even been to Croatia so how can you take people there and you cant even stick a pin in the place on a globe”

“Your going like shit or bust if it works it works you blown it”

“Its not a safe investment”












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