The Apprentice Series 15 Episode 10 of 12.


The Apprentice Series 15 Episode 10 of 14

It’s Week Ten, and Lord Sugar summons the candidates to Burlington House in central London. A cultural hub for the arts and sciences, it is home to five learned societies, including the Royal Society of Chemistry.

So for their next task, Lord Sugar asks the candidates to don their lab coats and goggles as he challenges them to create and sell their own perfume. The teams will have to come up with their own signature scents and design and brand a unique bottle, before attempting to secure sales from two major retailers. This task requires both creativity and a real nose for business. If they get it right, they could be sniffing victory in the boardroom.

For one team, a failure to make decisions means they get all bunged up. On the other, a bold attempt to make their fragrance stand out causes a stink. In the boardroom, for one team it is the sweet smell of success, while for the other the scent of defeat lingers in the air as they each fight to avoid hearing the words, ‘You’re Fired!’

Team Empower

Fragrance Name ( Determined ) a Female Perfume.

Pitching this to a retailer & a department store it was suggested to rethink the look and feel of the bottle and correct the spelling mistakes.

The retailer placed an order for 8000 units and the department store placed ZERO orders.

Lord Sugar said “the packaging looked like something for constipation or an air freshener.”


Team Unison


Fragrance Name ( Captivation ) a Unisex brand.

Pitching this to a retailer & a department store it was as an 80’s power statement.

The retailer ordered ZERO units and the department store placed an order for 9000 units.

Lord Sugar said “the ingredients sounded like a Jamie Oliver’s meal of ingredients and looked like Pat Butcher’s earnings off Eastenders.”

This Team Won this task.

In The Boardroom


Lord Sugar Said

“Lewis” “Scarlett is a recruiter and she produced something that looks better than what you came up with and you got a degree in marketing”

“Pamela” it should be called “Indecision By Pamela”

“Dean” “Your that invisible i should talk to you via a “Ouija Board”

“Step outside all of you and i will call you back in when i have talked to Karen & Claude”.

Thats it i thinks there could be a few scared bodies about to go back into the boardroom.

Lord Sugar called them all back in then went onto say these final words.

“Pamela” You Haven’t Shon Through”

“Dean” You have not progressed and lingered around”

“Lewis” You got a degree in marketing and this task failure was down to marketing”

Lord Sugar summarises then says “Dean” not seen anything from you your Fired

Your Fired

Dean Ahmad

Dean Ahmad





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