The Apprentice Series 15 Episode 4 of 12.

Electric Bikes

The Apprentice Series 15 Episode 4 of 12

For Week Four, Lord Sugar summons the candidates to the London Transport Museum, home to 200 years of transport history, where he reveals to them that for this week’s task they will be creating and selling their own range of electric bikes.

They will need to create a prototype e-bike and plan and host their own launch event, at which they will attempt to sell their new bikes to some of the UK’s biggest cycle retailers.

Half of each team heads to Nottingham to develop their new bikes, where indecision sends one team into a wheel spin, while for the other team colour clashes nearly cause a collision.

The other half of each team stays in London to choose accessories and create marketing materials. There are tough negotiations and, for one team, a last-minute change in direction.

At their events, both teams try to peddle their bikes to retailers. Poor pricing strategies and pushy tactics means sales are an uphill struggle. Then, in the boardroom, the wheels come off and one member of the losing team is told – “You’re Fired!”

Team Unison.

Total sales for this task £437,700.

Now lets look at the other team.


Team Empower.

Total sales for this task £1,265,210. 

This team Smashed it big time.


In the Boardroom.

“Your Fired”

Lubna Farhan

Lubna Farhan


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