The Apprentice Series 15 Episode 2 of 12.

Ice Lollies

The Apprentice Series 15 Episode 2 of 12

Lord Sugar summons the candidates to Alexandra Palace. In the centre of the venue’s famous ice rink, he reveals to them that for this week’s task they will be creating and selling their own range of ice lollies. They will need to create two original lollies each, one to pitch to a corporate client and the other to sell to the general public.

As well as developing their original flavours the teams need to get their skates on as they will have to manufacture all their lollies before they can sell them. The task requires creativity in the kitchen while always keeping an eye on the margins. Get either of these wrong and they could receive an icy reception in the boardroom.

In the kitchen, one team takes a gamble with daring ingredients, while on the other team a last-minute switch leads to a chilly corporate meeting.

In the boardroom, one team is frozen out and one candidate put on ice as they become the second person to be told, ‘You’re Fired!’



Kenna Ngoma 24  Dean Ahmad 20


Souleman Bah 20  Lewis Ellis 28  Riyonn Farsad 30


Thomas Skinner 28  Ryan-Mark Parsons 19


The moneys were worked out and the results are below.

They Spent £67.72

The total sales £439.15

The total profit £ 371.43.



Carina Lepore 30  Scarlett Allen-Horton 32  Iasha Masood 27


Lottie Lion 19  Jemelin Artigas 34  Marianne Rawlins 36


Lubna Farhan 33  Pamela Laird


The moneys were worked out and the results are below.

They Spent £124.21

The total sales £669.52

The total profit £545.20.

Clearly the Girls won the 2nd Task so they ended up with a SPA DAY.


In The Boardroom.

Kenna Ngoma: A 24-year-old ice cream company owner from Greater Manchester, admitted that he knew he was a “dead man walking” after failing the ice lolly task during the second episode of the latest series.

Despite boasting that he was the perfect man for the job of Project Manager for the task which saw the teams creating premium and unique ice lollies, Ngoma ended up being frozen out all together when clients were left unimpressed with the phallic shaped raspberry and coconut milk lollies and the edible glitter disappeared into the mix.

Kenna Ngoma 24  Ryan-Mark Parsons 19  Dean Ahmad 20

As Ngoma headed back into the boardroom with Dean Ahmad and Ryan-Mark Parsons, an argument ensued between the trio with each of them blaming the other for the failure of the task.


Believing that Ahmad was going to get the sack after Lord Sugar stated that the loss of profits was his fault, Ngoma revealed that he was surprised when Lord Sugar then turned his attention towards him and subsequently fired him.

In an interview, Ngoma said: “I am gutted to be out. I didn’t expect it to happen. When it happened I was devastated. I thought it was going to be Dean and I calmed down when Lord Sugar said he had lost us profit. But then he flipped back to me and I knew.

“When they said they sold nothing, I knew I was a dead man walking.”

Believing that Dean should have been fired, Ngoma added: “I think he is living on borrowed time, Ryan-Mark, Souleyman (Bah), they haven’t done much. There’s a lot of the girls who are flying under the radar too.”


Kenna Ngoma 24


Your Fired.







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