The Apprentice Series 15 Episode 1 of 12.

South Africa

The ApprenticeSeries 15

 Episode 1 of 12

15 years on from his first ever boardroom, Lord Sugar kicks off the new series with a task like no other. Under the watchful eyes of Baroness Karren Brady and Claude Littner, the 16 candidates are sent 6,000 miles from home, to the city of Cape Town in South Africa. Voted the best city in the world to visit, the candidates will have the opportunity to capitalise on the booming tourism market as they set up their own safari and vineyard tours.

One team’s brash approach to ticket sales causes commotion, while on the other team premium prices prove problematic. With refunds on the horizon, both teams put on their tours. Lost customers send one team’s tour into turmoil, and on the other team big promises leads to bigger problems.

Back in the boardroom, there is no time for jet lag as Lord Sugar is on the prowl for explanations. One candidate will become the first to be told, ‘You’re fired!’


Task No1 South Africa.

The teams are sent to Cape Town, in South Africa. The boys chose to do a Safari, Lewis was PM (project manager) for the boys. Lewis’s team was the selling team, in which they only sold 12. The sub-team, had a practise Safari and was toured around the tribes’ culture. The girls’ team chose to do a wine tour. Scarlet was PM. The girls sold all 16 tickets, but at different prices. On the Safari/Wine Tour day. Riyonn lead the Safari and at one point mistook a rhino for an elephant. The girls had individual turns to lead the tour, Carina lead the sculpture garden and Lottie lead the main Wine tour. During the gift shop, the boys only managed to sell £5. Whereas the girls’ had it much higher. Lottie, was the highest seller in this task.


Lewis Ellis 28  Thomas Skinner 28  Riyonn Farsad 30


Shahin Hassan 36  Dean Ahmad 20  Kenna Ngoma 24


Ryan-Mark Parsons 19  Souleman Bah 20


The Boys at the end of this task showing the moneys.

Spending was £510.84

Sales was £987.03

Refunds were £0

Total Profit was £476.19.



Scarlett Allen-Horton 32  Jemelin Artigas 34  Pamela Laird


Marianne Rawlins 36  Iasha Masood 27  Lottie Lion 19


Carina Lepore 30  Lubna Farhan 33


The Girls at the end of this task showing the moneys.

Spending was £233.49

Sales was £1003.45

Refunds were £249.03

Total Profit was £520.93.


I looks like the Girlies won the first task.

The boy’s lost by £44, they had no refunds but the girls did.. Lord Sugar praised Lottie for her selling. In the final boardroom,


In the Boardroom.

Lewis brought in Dean, for over-promising on what he and the safari could do and failed to deliver it, and Shahin for not selling.



Who got “FIRED”

Shahin is fired, with regret, for not selling. Lewis is given a warning for losing his temper.

Shahin Hassan 36

Your “FIRED”








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