Roslin Tully

Roslin Tully, née Frey, is the daughter of Lord Walder Frey and is married to Lord Edmure Tully at the Red Wedding.



Roslin is the 19-year-old daughter of Walder Frey, Lord of the Crossing. Unlike the majority of Lord Walder’s brood, Roslin is quite beautiful. She was intended to marry King Robb Stark as part of an alliance between her father and him (Walder had given Robb a choice of any one of his many daughters or granddaughters, but Roslin would have been the obvious choice), but Robb fell in love with and married Talisa Maegyr, instead.

Season 3

Lothar Frey and Black Walder Rivers arrive at Riverrun after Robb Stark offers to renew their alliance, but Black Walder relays that Lord Walder insists that Edmure Tully must immediately marry Roslin, having “gone off” long engagements after Robb reneged on his own. Edmure initially refuses, but eventually consents after bowing to family pressure, as well as his desire to make amends for his blunder at the Battle of Stone Mill.

Roslin frey bedded

Roslin is carried away at her bedding ceremony.

Edmure does not meet Roslin until she is unveiled at the wedding. Having seen Walder’s other daughters, Edmure was shocked and relieved to see Roslin at last. She glances at Robb, who turns to Walder, who gives him a rather sarcastic look. Roslin and Edmure get along quite well until Robb and Walder call for the bedding ceremony, when Roslin was carried off by Frey and Tully attendants to the bridal chamber. It is not known what, if any, involvement Roslin had in the planning or execution of the grislier parts of her wedding. During their wedding night, Edmure impregnates Roslin, and she later gives birth to a son – although Edmure remains a captive at the Twins.

Season 6

During a conversation between Jaime Lannister and Roslin’s captive husband, Edmure, Jaime points out that Roslin has already given Edmure a son that was sired on their wedding night. Edmure then reveals that he hasn’t seen Roslin since their wedding night and has never met his son.

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