Euron Greyjoy

King Euron Greyjoy was the brother of Balon Greyjoy, the Lord Reaper of Pykeand later King of the Iron Islands, and Aeron Greyjoy, a Drowned Man. He was also the uncle to Balon’s children, Rodrik, Maron, Yara, and Theon Greyjoy. After murdering his brother Balon, Euron takes control of the Salt Throne with the support of many iron born and seeks to hunt down Yara and Theon, who oppose Euron and have allied with Daenerys Targaryen.

Euron was captain of the longship Silence, the flagship of the Iron Fleet, and wielded a two-handed battle axe in combat.

Euron’s personal sigil was the standard House Greyjoy heraldry of a kraken on black, but the kraken has a third red eye inscribed onto its head and is sometimes silver instead of gold.

Euron is named commander of the Lannister fleet – although he primarily uses the Iron Fleet as his main ships – after he defeats the iron born and Dornish allies of Daenerys in Blackwater Bay and delivers Ellaria and Tyene Sand as a gift to Cersei Lannister. Euron continues to remain an ally of Cersei, ferrying the Golden Company to Westeros, killing Rhaegal, and fighting at the Battle of King’s Landing, where his fleet is burnt by Drogon. Euron himself was subsequently killed in a duel by Cersei’s brother and lover, Ser Jaime Lannister.



“I still remember seeing my father’s fleet burn at Lannis port. I believe your uncles were responsible?”
―Tyrion Lannister to Theon Greyjoy

Euron Greyjoy is the younger brother of Balon Greyjoy, head of House Greyjoy, Lord Reaper of Pyke and Lord of the Iron Islands.

At the outset of the Greyjoy Rebellion when Balon first declared himself King of the Iron Islands, Euron orchestrated the daring Raid on Lannis port which burned Tywin Lannister’s entire fleet at anchor. This gave the iron born command of the western seas and coasts of Westeros for a time.

Following the failure of the Greyjoy Rebellion, Euron went into exile, and has spent the last years as a pirate, reaving from Old town to Qarth and beyond, fighting Summer Islanders and the Ibbenese. He once lost his senses during a storm while sailing on the Jade Sea, and his crew was forced to tie him to the mast to prevent him from jumping overboard. When he was let down after the storm, he had all their tongues ripped out. Euron later glibly remarked of the incident that “I needed silence.”

Season 1

Tyrion Lannister tells Theon Greyjoy about his memories of witnessing the Raid on Lannis port which Tyrion says was caused by Theon’s uncles.

Season 6

GOT S6 43

Euron returns to Pyke.

Euron returns to the Iron Islands following the War of the Five Kings, arriving during a violent storm. He confronts Balon on a rope bridge between two of Pyke’s towers, as it is buffeted by the wind and rain. Balon says he assumed Euron would be dead by now, rotting under some foreign sea. Euron sarcastically replies with the traditional iron born words, “what is dead may never die”, and chides Balon when he doesn’t repeat the phrase.


Euron confronts Balon during a storm.

Balon accuses him of mocking the Drowned God, which Euron retorts by boasting that he is the Drowned God: for from Old town to Qarth, whenever men see his sails they pray. The strong wind batters the bridge, making Balon have to hold onto the support ropes, but with eerie calmness Euron stands perfectly still with his hands together in front of him, unafraid. Smirking, Euron notes that his brother is old, and says it is time for him to move aside and let another rule.

Euron smile

A deluded Euron prepares to kill Balon.

Balon draws closer, and says he heard that Euron lost his mind during a storm on the Jade Sea, and the crew had to tie him to the mast to stop him from jumping overboard. Euron smiles and matter-of-factually acknowledges, “They did.” Balon goes on to mention that Euron “rewarded” his crew for saving him by cutting out their tongues, to which Euron replies, “I needed silence.” Balon then accuses him by asking what kind of an iron born loses his senses during a storm, to which Euron firmly says “I am the storm – the first storm, and the last” – and Balon is in his way. Realising that Euron has come to kill him, Balon attacks him with a knife, slashing his left cheek, but Euron easily overpowers his elder brother, and throws him off the bridge to his death.


Euron announces his claim to the Salt Throne.

Following his nephew Theon’s endorsement of his niece Yara, Euron arrives at the kings moot, announcing his name and his decision to claim the Salt Throne. He begins to mock Theon for his failures and castration, which draws some laughs from the other iron born. Euron reveals that he returned only a few days ago, leading Yara to realise that he murdered Balon. She accuses him of the murder, and he freely admits it in front of the other iron born captains, claiming that Balon only ever led the iron born into two wars they could not hope to win, and apologises to the captains for not returning to kill him sooner, a sentiment which they nod and murmur at.


Euron mocks Balon’s children.

Theon says that Yara should be queen because while Euron was “gallivanting” around the Known World, she was leading the iron born and planning to return the Iron Islands to their former glory, by building the largest fleet the world has ever seen. Mocking Theon’s vocabulary, Euron counters that in his travels, he has seen more of the world than the rest of the captains combined, and that he knows that Daenerys Targaryen, who owns three large dragons, hates the lords of Westeros as much as the iron born, and has neither a husband nor ships. He intends to sail to Slaver’s Bay, bring her back to Westeros as his wife, and conquer the Seven Kingdoms with their combined forces. The captains all declare for him when he announces that he paid the iron price for his crown.

Euron Greyjoy becomes king iron islands

Euron Greyjoy is crowned King of the Iron Islands.

As part of crowning Euron the new King of the Iron Islands, Aeron Greyjoy drowns Euron in the sea, reciting a prayer to the Drowned God as he does so. When Euron stops breathing, he is dragged back ashore where, after a few tense seconds, he awakens, coughing and spitting water. Aeron places a driftwood crown on his head, making him King of the Iron Islands. He, Aeron, and the captains seek out Theon and Yara with the intention of murdering them, but find they have fled aboard all of the Islands’ best ships. Undeterred, Euron declares this will not save them, and orders everyone to chop down every tree they find, to build a thousand ships and conquer Westeros.

Despite Euron’s quip that his niece and nephew would not get far, Yara and Theon succeed in sailing across the Narrow Sea to Slaver’s Bay. They land in Meereen and beat Euron to Daenerys Targaryen, warning her not to trust him, and Yara forges an alliance with Daenerys. In return for offering a hundred ships and supporting her claim to the Seven Kingdoms, Daenerys agrees to help Yara and Theon to defeat their uncle Euron and support Yara’s claim to the Salt Throne. In addition, Daenerys extracts an agreement from Yara that the iron born will cease raiding the mainland.

Season 7

Euron's new getup

Euron proposes to Cersei Lannister.

Having failed to meet Daenerys, Euron sails the Iron Fleet to King’s Landing, answering the invitation of Cersei Lannister, the new Queen of the Seven Kingdoms. Cersei proposes an allegiance between the crown and the iron born, which Euron counters with an offer of marriage. Cersei declines Euron’s attempt at courtship, and he departs, promising to return with a gift that will win her heart.


Euron kills Obara Sand.

Seeking out his promised gift for Cersei, Euron intercepts and attacks Yara’s fleet, which had departed from Dragon stone and was sailing to Dorne, to consolidate the Dornish armies and fleet. The Silence locks onto Black Wind with a corvus, and Euron’s men board and attack Yara’s and Theon’s.

During the ensuing battle, despite taking several wounds Euron kills Obara Sand by first disarming her, snapping her spear in half and then impaling her with the broken pieces and her sister Nymeria Sand by strangling her with her own whip. Soon afterwards, he engages in a melee with his niece and beats her, holding her at her throat with his axe. 


Euron taunts Theon as he holds Yara captive.

He calls for his nephew, mocking him as “little Theon” and as a “cockless coward,” and implores that he come rescue her. However, Theon instead jumps overboard, leaping into the sea, which Euron sadistically laughs at. Euron then nails the body of Obara to the front of the ship and hangs Nymeria’s body from the bowsprit. Theon holds onto a plank in Blackwater Bay, watching on as the Silence and the rest of Euron’s fleet sail away while his sister’s fleet burns and sinks to the bottom of the Blackwater.


Euron parades his prisoners through King’s Landing.

The Iron Fleet returns to King’s Landing where Euron parades his captives through the streets – to the amusement of the citizens. Euron delivers Ellaria and Tyene to Cersei, fulfilling his promise of a gift by handing her the people responsible for her daughter’s death. Cersei is pleased and, in turn, promises to grant his request of marriage after the war is won. Euron then steps away from the Iron Throne towards Jaime, deliberately provoking him about the fact that Cersei is going to marry him. Euron is eventually ordered to set sail again and leads the Iron Fleet west to Casterly Rock where he attacks and destroys the remainders of Daenerys’ fleet who are besieging the Rock.


Euron arrives at the Dragon pit summit.

Euron is present in the Dragon pit at the Parley in King’s Landing sitting by Cersei. When Tyrion begins the discussion, Euron interrupts him and taunts both him and Theon. He warns that if Theon doesn’t submit to him, he will kill Yara, who remains his hostage. A silence falls between the rest of the attendants due to Euron’s outburst, and Jaime and Cersei order Euron to sit down or leave. After Sandor Clegane releases the wight, Euron watches Jon Snow’s demonstration on how to destroy it.

707 Wight Euron

Euron examines the wight at the Dragon pit.

He walks up to the wight and examines it, asking Jon if they can swim. When Jon assures him they can’t, Euron says (truthfully or not) how it is the only thing that terrifies him, and that he plans to sail home to the Iron Islands with the Iron Fleet. Before exiting the Dragon pit, he jokingly advises Daenerys Targaryen to do the same on Dragon stone so that they are the only ones left after winter ends. Cersei later privately reveals to Jaime that Euron is actually on his way to Essos to ferry the Golden Company back to fight for her.

Season 8

Having ferried the Golden Company to King’s Landing, their commander, Harry Strickland views the city from the stern of the Silence, with Euron smiling at his calm nature and his success in fulfilling Cersei’s wishes. Contented with himself, he visits his hostage, Yara, in his quarters. She asks Euron why he has not killed her, to which Euron sarcastically remarks upon their familial status as the last living Greyjoys, casually excluding Theon due to his castration. He then states that he will bore himself if he kills Yara, who he expresses glee at venting his chatter to. She correctly assumes they have returned to King’s Landing, having ferried the Golden Company from Essos to fight for Cersei. She rebuffs an offer of drink from her uncle, before stating that he has picked the losing side. However, Euron arrogantly states that he will simply leave the Queen of the Andals should it come to that (but he will lay with her first).

S8 Ep 1 Euron

Euron pleas with Cersei to give him hope of their union.

He later introduces Strickland to Cersei, where it comes to light that Euron has killed some members of the Company en route, due to someone cheating at dice (he at first states the Golden Company soldiers cheated, but then heavily implies he was the guilty party.) Cersei is disappointed to hear that the Company’s elephants could not be brought due to the length of the voyage. Following Strickland’s departure, Euron asks to speak privately with Cersei, which she rebuffs and maintains their agreement to wait until she claims Westeros. Although Euron is clearly frustrated, she states that he must earn her and that she would have executed him if not for his significance, which Euron again replies with pure self-esteem.

Somewhat wary and tempted by his arrogance, she permits him to lay with her. After their liaison, they remark on Robert Baratheon’s sexual inability, despite his fondness for whores, after which Euron asks about Jaime’s libido, much to the Queen’s irritation. He then asks if he was satisfactory, to which Cersei replies that she is fond of his arrogance and promptly dismisses him. Before Euron leaves, however, he promises to put a prince in her womb (unaware she is already pregnant with Jaime’s child). The liaison prevents Euron from his being aboard the Silence, where Theon rescues Yara, who reclaims the Iron Islands while her uncle is preoccupied with maintaining the Iron Fleet in preparation for Daenerys’s attack.

Cersei & Euron S8 ep4

Euron returns to Cersei with another “gift”.

Euron launches a surprise attack on the Targaryen fleet returning from the North after the Battle of Winterfell. His Iron Fleet is able to kill Rhaegal and also destroys much of the Targaryen fleet using improved scorpions. Euron also captures Missandei and brings her back to King’s Landing with Cersei, who lies to him that she is pregnant with his child (whose true father is Jaime). He later witnesses Missandei’s execution atop the walls of King’s Landing.

Euron Wounded S8 Ep5

Euron lays dying after his altercation with Jaime.

When King’s Landing is besieged, the Iron Fleet is caught off-guard from the attack by Daenerys, who is riding Drogon, and is decimated. Euron himself is barely able to escape alive, jumping off the Silence as it catches on fire, and reaches ashore where he finds Jaime Lannister trying to sneak into the Red Keep. He challenges Jaime to a duel and gravely wounds him, but is stabbed in the abdomen during the fight. Before dying of blood loss, he congratulates Jaime on killing another king and gloats that it was him who took out the King slayer. However, Euron’s pleasure in killing Jaime is unfounded, since he is later crushed by debris within the Red Keep before he can succumb to his wounds.


Euron is a wildly unpredictable and cruel man even among the iron born, and is widely regarded as the most feared pirate alive, who has become the terror of the world’s oceans from Old town to the Jade Sea. Even many of the other iron born greatly fear Euron, and consider him to be half-insane – not in the sense of being impulsive, but in that he seems almost delusional, with an utterly fearless, warped personality. Unlike other psychotic characters of the series, Euron is not prone to outbursts of anger or impulsive violence; everything he does seems to be for some sort of calculated purpose, though others might not be able to perceive it – such as calmly ripping out the tongues of his entire crew for no other reason than “I needed silence”. Euron possesses an unnerving coyness to him, tranquil and detached in the face of danger and mildly playful (but never indulgent in idle whims). When walking along the rope-bridges of Pyke during a massive storm, while Balon struggled not to fall over, Euron calmly stood his ground without bothering to hold on to anything. Euron also isn’t particularly arrogant, in the sense that he doesn’t have a sense of entitlement – he just does what he feels like, and is self-assured in his own power and abilities.

In contrast, Joffrey Baratheon was an arrogant, petty fool prone to random outbursts of anger, obsessed with the title of king he believed he inherited, even though he was little more than a puppet backed up by his grandfather Tywin. Joffrey never actually wielded a weapon, however, usually making a cowardly retreat when confronted with real danger. Ramsay Bolton was sadistic and personally dangerous, capable of great violence and torment against people he had already captured, but he didn’t have any true authority to back it up, and an impulsive, childish need to brutalise people for transient amusement (i.e. hunting women for sport and flaying men alive who disobeyed him, then leaving them on public display) with no thought to the long-term repercussions. Ramsay only knew random force and was in no way skilled at diplomacy, alienating potential allies. Euron Greyjoy, meanwhile, isn’t impulsive but capable of cunning long-term strategies, and unlike both of them, is actually capable of being extremely charming when the situation arises. Euron needed to win over the iron born to elect him king willingly, playing to their admiration for strength and audacity, while making grandiose promises. In many ways, Euron is the feared ruler that Joffrey and Ramsay wished they could be: genuinely dangerous and cunning, with a well-earned reputation, the authority to back it up, and a gift for long-term manipulation.

Euron’s true personality, however, is in some ways difficult to pin down – he is such a master manipulator that he tailors each performance, as it were, to fit his current audience. When he wins over the iron born at the Kings moot, he shifts to a more low-brow register, playing to their love of battle and crass sex jokes. When he appears before Queen Cersei, however, he shifts to a different act of a swaggering and dangerous but very witty and charming persona. His private confrontation with his brother Balon may have been one of the few times he dropped the mask and the man underneath appeared: dark and threatening, making a few bitter quips, but with an unnerving sense of tranquility while making blasphemous claims about his own power, likening himself to a god, and to the storm itself.

Euron is a terrifying and relentless warrior in personal combat if the need arises, laughing while shrugging off minor stab wounds. He is a master combatant, individually killing two of the Sand Snakes and capturing his niece; all of whom were deadly warriors in their own right. Euron’s fighting style was just as savage and unpredictable as he was, and he used anything (even his opponents’ weapons, as he did to kill the Sand Snakes) at his disposal. Euron also roared madly when he struck down Obara, lifting her high off the ground with the broken halves of her own spear, showing that he revelled completely in the thick of battle. He was capable of being intensely sadistic, laughing triumphantly when Theon Greyjoy fled from him after Euron defeated Yara. Euron also confessed that he was hugely impressed, if not awed, by Jaime Lannister’s swordsmanship during the Greyjoy Rebellion, even though Jaime had been cutting down Euron’s own kin and was Euron’s own enemy at the time. Despite being such a great warrior, he was willing to admit that he was afraid when he encountered a wight for the first time.

Additionally, Euron is a master sailor, admiral, and a genius in naval combat. His talent in naval warfare led to much of Cersei’s early advantages in her war: destroying the rival Greyjoy fleet, crushing the Dornish forces and blockading the Unsullied in Casterly Rock. With his powerful navy and brilliance, Euron may well be the greatest naval power in the world.

Euron also has no qualms with other social taboos such as king slaying, openly killing his own brother to seize the throne and bragging about that in public, and flippantly announcing he will murder his niece and nephew. In that aspect, Euron proves to be worse than Ramsay: Ramsay has also killed his kin, but even he wouldn’t admit that in public.

Euron, like Ramsay, is pure evil. Euron is utterly psychopathic, and incredibly sadistic. He has no problem slaying his own kin, or torturing his own men. However, unlike Ramsay, Euron is highly intelligent, feared by even his own men, and capable of playing the long game to get what he wants. Euron may be one of the, if not the most evil person in Westeros.

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